i Voted

Our precinct voting location is one of the additions to the Corpus Christi Catholic Parish. It is located just under a mile from our home.

Maureen and i walked there to vote this morning. Quite a few neighbors also elected to walk.

The morning was perfect San Diego weather. It felt good to walk and physically vote on the appointed day, a ritual more or less. One of neighbors was one of the volunteers.

It took me between five and ten minutes to copy my sample ballot i had filled in during my research and contemplation to the actual ballot. There were no campaigners or post-voting pollsters anywhere near. I felt like a good citizen.

For those who might wonder, i voted “NO” on the state’s Proposition  60. It’s the one that would require condoms and health measures be required for “Adult” films. The costs to the state, somewhat defrayed by fees on the industry, would run about $1 Million annually. i am of firm belief we should find the idiot or idiots put this on the slate and put them away somewhere.

henry-presidentAnd after month’s of consideration, i did vote in the presidential election. i also live in dread of having to listen to either of the major party candidates if elected talk for the next four years. Both are even worse than George W. Bush as far as public speaking goes.

i did not vote for either. Even though i think we need a woman to serve as president, i just could not bring myself to vote for someone who is so much apart of the system. i could not vote for any of the other party candidates either. They all had flaws to numerous to detail here.

But i voted for president. i sat down last night and considered who i would trust to be president. i came up with about twenty names and slowly filtered through them until i ended up with one. He has strong ties to the Democratic Party but he is an independent, and i mean independent thinker. He is a moral and decent man. He is a man of principal.

He ran for president once before but it was for a different organization and a long time ago. i did not get to vote in that one because i was at another place. i would have though. And i made up for it today. i wrote him in. George Henry Harding (Okay, Henry, i can’t remember if you are the IV, or V) for president.

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