Honors on Memorial Day

i hope this will work, posting a link to another post on this site. It is one of my better, in my opinion, salutes in showing my respect for those for whom this day is to honor. We observed flag protocol this morning and will do again when we raise it back to two-blocked at noon.

And we will remember and salute.


i should add Brian Lippe, the SEAL mentioned and his photo included in the post above has since died from cancer.

And this morning in a group for those who served on Gearing class destroyers,  Wally Hart posted the photo with the quote below:

“Here we see the unmarked graves of many sailors who never made it home. No flags. No ceremony. They gave all. Please remember them on Memorial Day.”

i think that about covers it.

1 thought on “Honors on Memorial Day

  1. As an old navigator you touched a nerve. And thank you. The sea taught me a lot about God before I really knew Him that from time to time I remember . Thank you again.

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