Help in a Time of Crisis

As with most folks, this pandemic is right up there in front of my mind.

Maureen and i are lucky. Sarah is living with us until she can afford a place of her own in the king’s ransom rent territory called San Diego. She has become indispensable to us, especially since she and her mother are adamant about the two old folks not getting out at all other than walks and working in the yard (thank goodness for that).

She is doing all the shopping. She is helping me on projects. She is keeping us technically competent in technology distant socializing and directed us to movies and tv series we would not have figured out how to watch. It is enjoyable to watch her keep busy with her own projects and reach out to keep others occupied, especially her working with grandson Sam in Austin on some art projects.

i know Blythe is taking care of her mother the same manner in Austin except for the in house contact.

i hope all of you, especially you older folks, have someone like Sarah to keep you safe. If you need someone to be like Sarah or Blythe, please reach out. This sheltering is tough enough as it is.

Thinking of all my friends and family. Stay safe. And thank you, Sarah.

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