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It was a long time ago, seemingly forever in a good way. We are steaming toward our thirty-sixth anniversary at the end of July, but it seems like it’s been about forever we’ve been together. Our families have melded. We know pretty much all of each others faults and strengths (she has much more of the latter than moi). i could go on. It’s worked.

i was writing something else and needed to check on a fact. i opened a file drawer in the old oak file cabinet next to my desk. It’s where we keep stuff we know we might need. Next to the hanging folder i was looking for there was another i moved and saw the list.

It was the caterer’s list of food for our wedding.

We initially were planning for the wedding to be a relatively big affair at a beautiful venue in La Jolla. Then we realized how much it would cost. So we opted for a somewhat less expensive venue. Free. Maureen’s father, Ray Boggs’ back yard on a hill in Lemon Grove. It was a nice and actually fitting place for us. Maureen wished it to be in line with our romance. That is, food. Our time together was spent mostly dining. A good meal with good service in a place with good atmosphere was where we spent most of our time. So she dedicated all of our wedding costs to a superb caterer.

It was a hot day. It was also probably the only time i saw my mother tipsy. Champagne. Lots of it. For everyone. Oldies but goodies from my reel to reel. Our daughter Blythe was there for Maureen, her other mother, and me. Navy folks. Maureen’s work. Family. Brother Joe performed the ceremony. Blessed. Aunt Fran still blamed Hileman for something JD did. There are many stories, but working on thirty-six years, we still are foodies together.

It started well.

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  1. Wonderful event. We (Tim,Fran, Dad, n Cook family on road trip to Ensenada) were a bit late arriving but Maureen waited til we got there. Much appreciated!! Both of you got toasted. Classic. So glad we made it.

  2. Perfect summer day with brother Joe and the wedding party beneath the shade of the bottle brush; perfect potpourri of music that reflected the generations in attendance. Fran holding court in the patio and of course, Michael photo bombing several shots. And finally the groom gently walking his new bride down the front yard because like Estelle she also was a wee bit tipsy. Great job Jim.💕

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