There is this woman. She is only a couple of years younger than me, but she seems much younger. If i got the math right, she is two years minus seven days younger, but so much younger. Yeh, much younger.

She and i have wandered in and out of each other’s lives for about a half-century. Eventually, we married someone else (or is it “else’s”?) and both marriages are good things as they should be. i have never met her husband, but would like to do so as he has to be a spectacular guy. She has met my wife and they are fast friends. This woman and i have remained friends throughout it all.

i won’t write a lot about her here. i have written a lot about her to her. She is a special friend.

The thing i like about her most (not counting her legs: she has great legs among other things) is she is always fun. She is fun around everyone. i cannot remember not having fun around her. Oh, i’m sure over the years we have had serious discussions, but i remember how much fun she is

She is beautiful, inside and out.

She is from Lookout Mountain and lives in Atlanta. She has many friends, several from her sorority days at Vanderbilt where i met her.

i hope the four of us can get together this year and make our connections. Over dinner someplace, of course.

Susan Butterfield Brooks, i’m sure Mike will take good care of you today. You deserve it.

And we will be thinking of you and all the fun you are.

Happy Birthday.

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