From an Old Box

Sometime during a move over the past thirty or forty years, my mother, my aunt, or i put some photos in an old box. Over the years, i added to the box and stored them somewhere, intending to put them in chronological order in albums. Today, i found them in the back recesses of a closet. There are more.

These are primarily for family.

i thought the grainy, off-color (is that “sepia”?), ones were fitting for Veteran’s Day. They were taken by one of the three Prichard sisters in 1945. The husbands of two, Aunt Evelyn and Mother were gone. Uncle Pipey was on a mine sweep out of Charleston, South Carolina. By this time, which i am guessing was summer of that year, my father was by now on Luzon in the Philippines.

This is what they missed. That’s service.

The other photo is Sarah with my dog who had me for a human: buddies. i’m thinking around Christmas 1997, but Maureen or Sarah will correct me if i am wrong.

My mother and me in front of our home.
Aunt Bettye Kate Hall and me.
My cousins, Nancy and Johnny Orr and me in my front yard.

And in another world in another time:


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