Far Away a Long Time Ago

i keep finding these things in my old age reorganization.

These were in a 5×4 old, faded envelope. They are small, just over two inches wide and about two and half inches long. They are in remarkably good condition. I am pretty sure they are photos my father sent my mother or my aunt, his sister Naomi Martin. i am guessing they were taken in 1945 in the Philippines, but it could have been on Bougainville or Santa Isabel in the Solomon Islands, or New Guinea, or New Caledonia. But for some reason, it looks like Luzon to me where they landed on D+4 and where i stopped many times in Subic Bay. Perhaps it’s the native helper in camp or even more likely the monkey that gives me that idea.

To visit the past from far away and long ago:

Settled in.


A native in the midst of tents serving as quarters.