Family Photos by Aunt Bettye Kate

This post is dedicated to Aunt Bettye Kate Hall. i ended up with several of her photo albums. My mother had almost duplicate albums. Joe and i went to Martha’s home in the winter of 2015 to sort through these albums and a few from my grandmother. We selected a representative number from the first one, taken sometime around the 1870’s, not counting some older daguerreotypes, tin types, ambrotypes, and possibly other types of old photography of relatives from Jewell and Prichard ancestries.

Martha has this collection and is scanning and organizing to make available for family members. i can assure you this is a monumental and time eating task.

Several years ago, i decided i would make the ones i have available to members of both sides of our family. i was pretty good for a year or two, but wore out. i am a bit reenergized and will try to follow this group with more frequent posts with family photos. These were taken in 1948, all but one in Orlando, i think. the ninth one shows the back of our home Castle Heights Avenue in its original construction. This is the one with Bill “Butch” Prichard on my tricycle apparently attempting to run over his younger brother Tim. i was probably upset Butch was on my trike my aside comments are in jest…just in case someone gets the wrong idea.

By the way, that porch in the photo was our magical fun place in inclement weather. We played there for hours, often with pieces of wood scraps provided by Uncle Snooks from his house construction business he ran with his older brother Ben Hall.

My inability to correctly align photos is demonstrated once again. Captions should be included…i hope.

For family, enjoy:

Aunt Evelyn Orr with Tim Prichard. Tim’s father, Bill Prichard, is partially captured crouching on the ground.
Aunt Bettye Kate with Butch and Tim.
Uncle James “Pipey” Orr, Aunt Evelyn with Butch, Aunt Bettye Kate with Tim, and Uncle Alvin “Snooks” Hall.
Butch and Tim Prichard.
Butch with Aunt Colleen in the background.
Butch apparently trying a choke hold on Tim.
Aunt Colleen with Butch.
Aunt Colleen with Butch and Uncle Bill with Tim.

Butch on my tricycle apparently attempting to run over Tim in our back yard.

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