i feel…well, i feel poltically disenfranchised.

Johnson’s gaffe yesterday demonstrates to me he is greatly lacking in timely critical thinking, a capability i think is required of our president (and no, i’m not going to be lazy or attempt to be cool and in the know by using the acronym POTUS, yet another dumb aberration of our language).

So now, i am looking at a wasteland. Trust, responsibility, cooperation, good judgement, and concern about others are only facades. Power, money, self-interest, rock throwing,  influence, influence peddling, and lemming-like following are the drivers. Citizens are too interested in their own causes to even read or listen to the other side, except to pick what is said or written to death. Critical thinking is colored by one’s biases and prejudices across the board.

i spent twenty-two years and more avoiding political involvement other than voting. As a member of the military, i understood that was part of my job. Apparently, especially among the higher ranked personnel, this is no longer the case. Now i am old and my pushing for political change sounds hollow and…well, old.

i can only vote for presidential candidates i trust and platforms which make sense.

Although the Libertarian platform is far more logical than the other three, it contains many items with which i do not agree. Except for that platform, all else in this upcoming election is shameful to me.

i would like for us to finally have a woman president, but not this candidate.

i strongly believe we should hold our presidential candidates to higher standards than everyone else, but right now, i don’t see any candidate being held to a higher standard, or any standard that might interfere with a party’s desire to win. Neither do i find any candidate or any party even faking trying to do what’s right.

i was taught in elementary school communists believed the end justified the means, and our country, our government did not believe that and did not utilize unethical or illegal means to win.

That is no longer the case, especially in our political system.

i wish a check box for “i protest any of these candidates being elected” would be included on the ballot, but that will not be an option.

Unless there is some major, major change in the next month, i cannot in good faith vote for any presidential candidate.

i am disenfranchised


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  1. OUTSTANDING. What you said you’re hoping for is that movie some time ago where the protagonist ran on the platform:. “None of the above.”. And he won!!

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