Cruel Vegans

One morning last week, i heard a radio program where a vegan activist was informing us how cruel farmers and ranchers and butchers and all those sorts were cruel feeding us animals and how noble the vegan cause was and how they could solve all the world’s problems and bring about world peace, all animals included.

Seems to me they might be a bit cruel themselves:

Yanking their fruit off poor tree’s limbs; denying many plants the spreading of their seeds; pulling them screaming out of the ground; chopping off their leaves; putting them out in the hot sun on acres and acres of land. Segregating…yes, that’s right: SEGREGATING them from nature’s weeds and pollen and bugs and other critters; cross-breeding to create new varieties, even if the peaches, apples, pears, corn, taters, and all things vegetable and fruit only want to be left alone with their own kind, and certainly don’t wish to have their skin flayed back and be grafted.

Oh, the cruelty.

And then, these concerned vegans want to kill all the cows and pigs…and chickens, i guess.  ‘Cause i’m pretty sure as my good friend Marty Linville once said, those farmers ain’t gonna keep ’em around for pets; it costs a ton to feed ’em and tend ’em and milk ’em, which has to be done or those milk cows become miserable, and the farmer ain’t gonna grow no hay to feed ’em; and the poor chickens will watch all of those eggs hatch by the thousands and be unable to take care of all of them and they will cry mournfully…or cluck mournfully watching all of those chicks, helpless to aid them; and the fields will lie fallow and the cows and the pigs and the chickens will die slow, painful, horrible deaths by the thousands and thousands when the vegans have their way…

And then think of the farmers and the ranchers. Their farms and ranches will be overcome with the stench of all of those dead animals they once cared for (before slaughtering many of course the vegans will point out); those farmers and ranchers will not make money and they will go broke and then bankrupt and get kicked off their lands and come to the city and be homeless and live on the streets and not know how to live in the cities.

Unless, of course, the vegans adopt all of the animals and take on the expense of providing them feed and hay  and milking the milk cows, and take all of the destitute, homeless once-farmers and once-ranchers and once butchers, and the vegans take care of the young’uns in sickness and health.

But i don’t think that the vegans will take that on. They are too busy telling everyone how those horrible everyone else folks but vegans in this world are cruel.

Sorta like those anti-abortionists leaping up to volunteer to adopt infants at child birth.

But then, they know, both of those sorts. They know they are better, more moral than everyone else.

Still, it seems a bit cruel to me.

3 thoughts on “Cruel Vegans

  1. your tongue- in-cheek commentary was great except you had to throw in the abortion stuff. Just couldn’t contain your self, Jim?
    Hypocrisy knows no bounds especially in politics.

    Maybe you can touch on the illegal immigration fiasco and sending them to sanctuary cities? Oh no- not my cities!!

    Sports are much safer.

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