Maureen and i received our booster for the Moderna vaccine at Rite Aid yesterday afternoon. We both have sore arms and are fatigued today but believe it will be gone quickly.

We went ahead for several reasons. Neither one of us really want to catch COVID, especially at our age. If we do, we want the affliction to be as mild as possible, which of the people i know who have contracted COVID after vaccinations, the effects have been milder.

But the primary reason we went ahead, we want to do everything we can to protect other people. We wear masks in indoor settings outside the home. We also want to make those folks who are very concerned about contracting COVID to feel a little more comfortable.

Unlike some people who claim they know more than medical experts and scientists, we do not, and while we question some of the regulations, none seem to threaten us or people around us, so we go with it. We aren’t quite so into political games to believe it’s some plot of some government, especially ours, cause those folks just aren’t smart enough to pull off something that complicated. We don’t think anyone is going to turn into a cannibal or a vampire if they get vaccinated (although that might be an upgrade for some of those folks) and we are pretty sure women will still be able to become pregnant and deformed children will not be birthed because of the vaccine.

All of us certainly have the right to believe what we believe, but not to the extent it endangers others. We should not play games with that.

Especially for those who received the Moderna vaccinations, we wanted you to know we are glad we did and the post effects of the shot are mild.

2 thoughts on “Booster

  1. I got my Pfizer booster 2 weeks ago. I totally agree with your/sis’ take on the vaccine. I decided to shoot-up for the same reasons as you. I’m older and do NOT want to spend my remaining years hoping my immune system hangs in there. My health is pretty good thanks to a fairly active life style.
    I will mask up to protect others — this is a personal choice and not because of some ‘mandate’ from our so-called leaders.
    The only adverse reaction I had to the booster?—walked funny, with a slight gait to the right and drooled after dinner

  2. We still wear our masks too. At church there are very few who wear masks. It has to be unsafe for the children. But we keep wearing ours because we don’t want to be spreaders to the little ones or the older ones who can’t take the shot. We will get the booster soon if so called governor lee makes the shot available. After all, he said children don’t get covid.

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