Birthday Boy

i’ve written a lot about him.

But not enough. No, not enough.

i will not talk to him today. He’s in Ireland. Kenmare, Ireland to be exact.

In case you didn’t know. He’s my brother.

i count my blessings when considering the family i come from. My mother was unique. My sister is my other best friend. All three siblings remain close.

My brother Joe and my father are the two men i look up to the most. My father-in-law was another.

But today’s Joe’s birthday and i will think of him a lot today.

Happy Birthday, Joe. i can’t think of anyone who deserves a happy one more than you.

1 thought on “Birthday Boy

  1. From the top on down a picture of unending joy springs forth. How much more beautiful the world is because of all of you.💕

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