Birthday Boy…well, not quite “boy” anymore

There is this guy who turns 50 today. Makes me feel old.

This guy is a bit goofy. i think that’s why i like him so much.

i met him when he was an aviation boatswainmate airman. i was a commander.

He was on a ship i was once on as staffie: one of my favorite reminisces: lifetime friends, crossing the line to become a shellback, Hong Kong Christmas, Singapore New Year, Papua New Guinea, Olangapo in its finest hour. He was on that ship when she hit a mine in the Persian Gulf.

He’s from Kansas.

He met my daughter when she was staying with us in San Diego for a while in the mid-to-late 80’s (Blythe, you will have to get the dates right: i’m too old to remember exactly). It took the two about ten years to get married.

This was a good thing.

When they got married, in my toast at the reception, i said their love reminded me of the best marriage i had known (not including my last): my parents, Jimmy and Estelle Jewell. Thus far, i think i’m right.

i get downright excited about how much he loves my daughter. i am also thrilled, ebullient about what a great father he is to my grandson Sam.

He’s a keeper. When we are together, we do projects together, we play golf together, we go to bars together. He and Maureen are copacetic. They both are aficionados in wine and cooking.

He is also a manic Kansas City Chiefs fan. Perhaps the Chiefs knew he was turning fifty and decided to get to the Super Bowl for him.

Jason Gander is my son-in-law. i never get to be with him enough. i would like to watch the Super Bowl with him. This is a huge concession for me. i swore off watching the event with the glitz and hyperbole lasting five or six hours. But it would be fun watching him watching his Chiefs about ten days from now.

i can’t express how happy i am he is part of our family.

Thank you, Jason.

i hope the Chiefs win for you.

and Happy 50th Birthday.

(and Blythe, i stole your photo off of Facebook.)

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