Another Good Dog Gone

Twenty-two years ago, i wrote about a good dog gone. My glorious labrador and my best friend Cass, told me it was time. i wrote of him in a piece i called “Good Dog Gone.” i still have an empty spot that finds me every once in a while. i have often said one of the toughest things, if not the toughest, i’ve ever had to experience was putting him down.

About ten years after that, i had to put another down. Lena Horne, a mixed breed, became mine when the “dog lady” in our neighborhood tricked me into going to the pound to help someone else. Lena was a very smart dog and actually needed lots of love.   Like Cass, she produced many tales with her antics. When i had to put her to sleep, i vowed i would not have another dog until i was sure they would live longer than me. Just didn’t want to do that again. i figured it might be safe to have another when and if i reached 90.

Yesterday, i discovered there was something worse than putting my dogs down. Maureen and i went with our daughter Sarah when Billie Holiday had let her know it was time to go. Billie had cancer and was suffering. Being with your daughter when she has to put her dog down was worse than my putting Cass or Lena down. Billie had been with us for about six years after Sarah brought her back from Austin. She was a mixed breed, lanky, and a handsome dog with the most expressive eyes. i spoiled her. When Sarah was away, Billie spent a lot of time following me around. i grew to love her.

i am likely to write more about Billie lately. She created some great stories. But right now, it’s a little empty around here. Quite frankly, i’m not into telling stories today.

i just wanted to honor her a bit, to get this loss of my chest.

You see, Billie was a good dog, too. And now, she’s gone.

6 thoughts on “Another Good Dog Gone

  1. Billie found the perfect home when she landed in the Jewells. She overflowed with joy and childish playful antics. She will be missed. May your days be filled to the brim with laughter and fond memories. Love, Patsy Raye ❣️

    1. I feel for anyone who has to put down a beloved member of their family. The heartbreak is devastating. I’m sorry for your loss Sarah and the Jewell family.

  2. So sorry for the loss. Our pets leave such empty spaces in our hearts and homes when they are gone. I’m sure it was so helpful to have her parents go with her for support. It’s such a hard thing to have to do.

  3. Jim, I know it was difficult for you, know I was thinking of you when I got home from golf. Amazing how pets, but dogs especially find a soft spot in your heart and that’s where they remain forever. Rod

  4. Loving your special, personal dog, the dog who adores you so much, the dog who thinks you are the king of the universe who leaps with joy at your sight, is at once the most tender, rewarding, heart filling form of love and yet the most dangerous, as it carries with it the awful vulnerability you describe so well in recounting your sorrow in Billie’s loss. You are so much the richer for having known her, though; may your sense of loss and your sorrow somehow just add to the treasure you hold so tenderly in your very large heart.

  5. So sorry for your losses. We have felt that pain in the heart and the bottomless pit of sadness that continues with you everyday. We miss our pugs so much even though they have been gone for many years. Our new addition, Vega (a chug) was brought home 2/1/20 and then Covid hit us. She has been a blessing and keeps us on our toes. We just got home from walking her at Chollas Lake. She loves that place.
    Please have Mo give you a hug from us. 🙂 Miss our get togethers.

    Love, Mark and Evelyn

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