A Short Comment on Belief

i’m old enough to comment on this, knowing it will not change anyone’s mind. Don’t care. Just wanted to put it out there.

Belief is just that. Even the atheists believe. None of us really know, we just have to believe.

i believe goodness, doing the right thing, caring, and forgiving may lose in the short term, but will always, always win.

That belief keeps me sane…most of the time.

2 thoughts on “A Short Comment on Belief

  1. Jim-I had a colleague with whom I often got into deep question about faith. He was (and remains) a devout Mormon. He answered my question about how he knew he believed, had faith by this: “There is a basic knowing, sort of like trying to explain the taste of salt without using the word ‘salty’. Faith just fundamentally exists, ingrained”. Not sure if that answers the big question, but his response has stayed with me for all these many, many years. My two cents….

    1. Terrific answer. In a personal counselling session I had with minister of Religious Science he asked me to describe who I am without using another person as part of the description. 35 years ago I couldn’t do it. Today I can.
      Faith is its own answer.

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