A Rant

i just collected our mail.

There were ten pieces of mail. One was a flyer from our neighborhood grocery store. One was an ad for a local hospital. The rest were various political ads for candidates or propositions.

i’m not upset about these yahoos sending me political advertisements. i don’t like them, but that is their right. What pisses me off — i was trying to come up with a more polite term but this one is just perfect — is i still don’t have a clue as to what the candidates are really for or against, what sets them apart from their competition and what the risks and benefits really are for any of the propositions.

It’s all bullshit PR — there i go again. i guess there is some statistics somewhere that claim these damn things get more votes, but i’m thinking if someone decides to vote on what i get in the mail, then they are a lot dumber than me.

Maybe back a long time ago, i.e. my time, political campaigns stressed positions, issues, etc. Maybe not. But quite frankly, i don’t give a damn about sales pitches. i want to make an intelligent vote for people and issues i believe in. To quote Nick Canepa in a column the other day, quoting Vin Scully, “Statistics are like a lamp post being leaned on by a drunk: They are for support, not illumination.”

Dammit, stop filling up my mailbox with crap. And that ain’t even beginning a rant about television commercials and news (sic) programs.

3 thoughts on “A Rant

  1. Great pearls of wisdom. I took a couple of weeks and researched and whenever possible I went for a mix: gender, ethnicity, qualifications, enthusiasm. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the DNC to get their heads out of their asses and out a coherent message. 😴

  2. Don’t know which is worse—that kind of mail or robot scam calls..Ann covers her ears when I answer those unknown numbers shown on our caller ID…My language is not nice. At least I get in a few words before they quickly hang up..

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