A Pocket of Resistance: Think about it

My friend, Norm O’Neal, a shipmate on my first ship, the USS Hawkins (DD-873) sent the below in an email tonight, which i read after we got home from a birthday dinner for Ben Regeis.

Ben, the father of Nancy Toennies, turned 96 Friday. He is a remarkable man from Lithuania, who was a quarterback for UCLA, played pro football, and has remarkable tales to tell from Worcester, Massachusetts to the South to Southern California. He is in good health.

When i read Norm’s email, i am afraid i kept thinking, “Isn’t it sad that the presidential candidates and the ranting folks who back ALL of them can’t act in the same manner as the folks in these photos. i do not have the confidence in any of the candidates on either side with their rhetoric to gain votes rather than to honestly tell us what they believe to have clue as to what the goodness shown in this collection really means.

i am afraid dear friends, both Republican and Democrat, that i will not vote in the presidential election. The candidates are that bad.

i just wish the ballot had a choice for protesting against the choices. i suspect the protest vote would carry the day.

But for now, thanks once again, Norm. This, even with a few repeats is what the world needs now.


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