A Pocket of Resistance: my iPod

i love my iPod, and i haven’t event touched its potential. i’m getting close thanks to George Lederer (thanks, George).

Today, i didn’t work on getting all the playlists organized or recording some more of my LP’s. I had work to do. Maureen had yoga and a birthday brunch with some of her closest friends. So i went to get a few items from Home Depot and pick up something for Maureen from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Now, i don’t know how your Sunday morning radio programming matches up, but in the Southwest corner, it stinks. i love fishing, but i don’t even understand why any fisherman would listen to someone talk about fishing for three hours (of course, i don’t understand how anyone would listen to any specialty talk show for more than five minutes). My other choices were church services or religious talk shows, which all sound too pious for me, or golf talking, or some ex-jocks telling me how much they know about all they don’t know.

There is some good programming on the FM side, but i just wasn’t in the mood.

So i hooked up my iPod and clicked to “shuffle.” i have 4700 tunes on my iPod.  This morning, i was amazed my “shuffle” seemed to hit my mood. But maybe, just maybe, i fit the iPod mood.

The playlist: Etta James “At Last;” Andrea Bocelli “Cieli de Toscana;” David Newman “Everything Must Change;” Bill Evans “Just You, Just Me;” Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong  “A Fine Romance;” Eliot Fisk, Vivaldi – “Mandolin Concerto in C;” John Lee Hooker “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer;” Nancy Wilson “At Long Last Love;” Charles Mingus “Portrait;” Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons “Big Girls Don’t Cry;” Academy of St. Martin Orchestra, Mozart “Symphony No. 35; Academy of St. Martin Orchestra;” Percy Mayfield “Please Send Me Someone to Love.”

Damn near a perfect Sunday morning. i love my iPod.

i hope you had a good one as well.


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