A Pocket of Resistance: Mr. Murphy and Political Lemmings

i have a lot of “friends” on Facebook. To be honest, i justify this with the intention of taking this website (or “blog”: i still have a great distaste for this label) to a subscription status,  for which Walker Hicks is providing the expertise as we move in that direction. But i also enjoy connecting and reconnecting with folks from back home in Tennessee, Navy friends, folks who are friends and relatives i met through Maureen, and other folks i have met in my myriad of adventures over a half century of living in a whole bunch of places.

i enjoy learning about what they are doing, what thoughts they have about everything, their posts sharing funny and touching links, and their concerns about their friends and family.

My friends run the spectrum from far left to far right. i admire all of their commitment and passion for what they believe.

However, i do get tired of the lemming-like postings on Facebook. They are loyal to whichever side or candidate they believe represents what they believe. But most of what they post is slanted, if not actually untrue because it supports what they believe is right. They are totally one-sided.

But such postings are also lazy. There is no consideration of the other side of the argument. They also are  mean and debasing to the other side. It is just the opposite of honest and open dialogue about issues and policies.

Quite frankly, i get real tired of the laziness, the meanness, and the manipulation of news, quotes, and lord knows what else to sell whatever they are selling, perhaps to themselves.

Then today, i peeled off my “Murphy’s Law” Desk Calendar to today. It read:

Todd’s Two Political Principles

1. No matter what they are telling you, they’re not telling you the whole truth.

2. No matter what they are talking about, they’re talking about money.

Todd, whoever the hell he is, is a very wise man.

1 thought on “A Pocket of Resistance: Mr. Murphy and Political Lemmings

  1. Jim, I understand your displeasure. Face book is operated free to it’s users, they use it for pleasure, advertising, expressing their preference. I cull my followers to suit me. I pass on memes that express my belief, and I post my blog. I support authors. I follow both parties, but I only support conservatives. I don’t believe everything I read on Facebook, nor limit my reading to this. Your calendar’s quote was was accurate.

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