A Pocket of Resistance: End of a journey

It is early, early Tuesday morning. i am  about to go to bed (and hopefully, asleep) in my own bed.

i am writing a summation of my travails with American Airlines, including a blow-by-blow description of today’s silliness beginning with a 3:00 a.m. awakening until now: ugh. i will complete that ugly story tomorrow when i can think as straight as i can think…unless i play golf; then it might have a Wednesday finish.

But on the five-hour flight from Charlotte, i met two really nice young men and hope we can keep our connection. Jim Watkins, a senior at ‘Bama, and Jim Esler, a insurance agent and a new force in the San Diego chapter of The Propeller Club — more on both later.

Just being home is enough right now.


1 thought on “A Pocket of Resistance: End of a journey

  1. Glad you’re safely home. Our daughter left today. Her flight to Charlotte was delayed only an hour. She should be landing in DC just about now. Thankfully, her fiance will be picking her up at the airport and driving her on to Alexandria. Better luck than my son! I feel so relieved that they are both finally home!

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