A Pocket of Resistance: Dark and Light

At my age, regardless of all the good that has been and is part of my life, i can get down, down, down. Lotus Carroll, whom i knew for about a half hour in a park in Austin when she took some great photos of our family featuring grandson Sam, posted on her website today something that resonated with me.

I have been up and down pretty much most of the year. Reading Lotus’ post, it all sort of made sense.

i hope it will give you some insight as well: http://lotuscarroll.com/depression-universal-imperfection-and-help/

And then in a quiet moment after being in a dark place, i walked out to our back yard and just looked at where i am:

2016-05-01 11.27.48



2016-05-01 11.27.40

The coral trees are in bloom, the sage is exploding, the grass is green, and i am in the light.

Thank you, Lotus, and may all of you have a great week.

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