A jewell Revision

My caring and beautiful daughter Sarah, the younger of my two caring and beautiful daughters, did an artistic rendering for a small sign. She was giving it to a friend who had been her friend in a time of need and now going through some significant problems of his own.

She told me the saying came from a song made by a punk rock band. Since i don’t know any punk rock bands, although i have heard a couple have band names include “sister,” and i can’t recall ever hearing a punk rock song for more than a nano-second before i switched the radio dial, i liked the lyrics on the sign. It read:

“Fight to Live; Live to Fight.”

i decided it should be modified (for me) just a bit:

“Love to Live; Live to Love (and if you have to fight, fight judiciously and fiercely).”

But that’s just my take. i still like the original.

Sarah, if you have a photo of your artwork, i would like for you to share on my link to this post on Facebook.

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