A Guy i’ve Almost Forgotten

It was a long time ago. i remembered when i ran across these photos in a golf ball box. They came from my two aunts and my mother during a significant phase of my life. i am posting them here primarily for my grandson Sam Gander. It was a long time ago.

The above was when i departed for my third class midshipman NROTC cruise in the summer of ’63. It was a life changer in many ways although i did not realize it at the time. The uniform, in my opinion, service dress khaki’s, remains the sharpest looking military uniform ever. The Marine’s uniforms are impressive but this one was so classic, so not overstated. It’s gone but it remains my favorite.

Granny, aka Katherine Webster Prichard, was an incredible woman, a survivor, one of the hardest workers on the planet who never gave up. She loved and cared for her family, her friends, and her charges as a “house mother” at Castle Heights. This was taken at my Aunt Bettye Kate and Uncle Snooks Hall’s house in1964.

It was 1969, August. i was a big fan of docksiders with no socks. Thought it was cool, but man those high-water pants with those shoes were not a good look.

Once again in my aunt and uncle’s house. This time it was August 1969. i was a one-year wonder LTJG on my first ship, USS Hawkins.

This was labeled by my Aunt Evelyn as 1969, but i didn’t make lieutenant until 1971. Summer whites were great uniforms but those white shoes were tough to keep white.

Paris, Texas. May 1971. a pre-wedding photo.It didn’t turn out well, but i loved her and my brother and sister always supported me. Blythe remains a beautiful daughter and my grandson Sam makes it worthwhile.

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