A Day Early

Tonight, we are headed to Mabel’s Gone Fishing, one of favorite eating places.

This is for Maureen’s 73rd birthday. She has given me the okay to play golf on her actual birthday tomorrow.

i have written a lot about her. She says too much. i have included a lot of photos of her. She says too much. She may be right, but i can’t stop. i’m a lucky man, far luckier than i realized when we sort of jointly proposed to each other about 43 years ago.

Our love has grown. We keep finding ways we match or fit together because we don’t match.

Even our slope is celebrating her birthday. The coral trees are not completely in bloom but you can see a few buds in the foreground.

About too many photos, this is a brief pictorial history of one heck of a woman:

Happy Birthday, dearest Maureen.

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