Cut Offs, the Real Story

The drafts are piling up.

In addition to book writing, i have been working on my golf game (it’s getting worse: could be from aging?), seriously attacking home projects, taking walks preparing for our June Scotland trip with siblings and spouses, and setting up, expanding and planting our (small) garden.

i may or not get those drafts completed and posted here, but most importantly i need to relate a story.

It was Friday morning. You know: Friday Morning Golf (FMG). Due to punching greens at North Island’s course, we changed our venue to Admiral Baker’s North course, one of the best layouts (and toughest) in San Diego county. It was drizzling when i arrived early as i normally do. So rather than hitting range balls, i saddled up my cart, checked in, and went to the restaurant where the bartender and the waiter was the same guy before six in the morning. i ordered my favorite pre-golf breakfast sandwich with sausage and a cup of coffee.

i sat down at one of the bar tables. As i started to eat, Pete Toennies, my close friend, golfing buddy, and retired SEAL captain who touches the measuring stick close to 6-7 came inside. He said something about how good my breakfast looked.

Pete went to the counter and said to the young man, “I want to have what he’s having,” adding, “I want to be like him.”

The young man nodded, and replied, “Well, you are going to have to cut your legs off at the knees if you want to be like him.”

We thought it was great and have been laughing ever since.

It’s almost as good as when we were nicknamed “Shrek and Donkey” by Zack Frailey.

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