Sometimes strange things strike me as…er, meant to be.

You see, today i was involved in a bunch of to-do’s and began to do some serious work on the almost final (i’m sure there will be more edits after this one) book manuscript. While in the midst of the to-do’s, i stumbled across a plastic storage box. Unsure what to do with it, i took it into my home office and began to sort through it. Except for the Sam Brown sword belt from Castle Heights cadet days, all of the contents were connected to Daddy: photos, news clipping, items from his Navy uniform, a few videos, and yes, his obituary.

i had planned to post something about him today. He would have been 107. But i had just put it aside in my mind until i checked my calendar and then Facebook. On both, there was a reminder today is Allyson Odom Potts’s birthday. She and my father celebrated their birthday was on the same date. i sent her my best wishes. Her mother, Sharry Baird Hager, was one of my best friends of all time, an incredible platonic relationship.

i stopped with the to-do’s.

You know, i have written so much about Daddy here and elsewhere, this would just be a repeat. i reckon he might frown on doing it again.

So i will just post a few photos:


2012, at 98:

And Lord, do i miss him…every day.

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