No, not the California scenic highway, or the highway that used to be scenic in more places.

101. That would have been her birthday today. Estelle Prichard Jewell.

She was spunk. She was matter of fact. She was an encyclopedia of family and Lebanon history. She was athletic. She was strict. She was love.

She was part of a remarkable lineage of grit (i’ll post my poem about her mother and her siblings yet again in a post later today).

She was remarkable.

i’ve written quite a bit about her here. i am hoping to have some surprise news about her in the near future. i will finish this with just photos.

She is my mother.

i miss her.

Estelle and her older sister, Evelyn Prichard, circa 1919.
The Prichard family, 1926. There is a great story about that pony.
The Hall of Fame basketball wonder, 1935.
The Prichard family, 1937.
1933 before one of her first dates with Jimmy Jewell.
The newly married couple, late 1930’s.
For 75 years, 1 month, and 12 days, they were inseparable. But nine months later, she fixed that and joined him. i’m betting they are celebrating her birthday together today.






























































Estelle Prichard Jewell










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  1. Beautiful tribute to your mother and the Prichard family. You are a great storyteller and poet. Mvto (thank you) Jim.

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