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A Pocket of Resistance

A potpourri of posts on a variety of topics, in other words, what’s currently on my mind.

  • Memorial Day, 2023
    Every year, usually a day later, i create a post to, hopefully gracefully, honor heroes, warrior heroes. When writing columns for The Lebanon Democrat for just shy of ten years, i attempted to do the same in my Thursday column. i did not wish either to be sappy or overly patriotic, nor to be acknowledged … Continue reading Memorial Day, 2023

Murphy’s Law desk calendar

A curation of Murphy’s Law saying from over the years.

  • The Rule of the Rally
    The only way to make up for being lost is to make record time while you are lost.

Sea Stories

Fairly self explanatory, from what I can remember that is.

Notes from the Southwest Corner

Selected columns written for the Lebanon, Tennessee Democrat newspaper from 2007 to 2017 about living in the Southest.

Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings

Posts on the topic of the challenges and success of the deployment and integration of women into life aboard a Navy ship. This topic later became my book.

Willie Nod

A collection of children’s poems written for my grandchild.

Jewell in the Rough

Posts on various topics about my life.

New Palestine

Short stories about a fictional town in Tennessee.

  • Put Out to Pasture
    Pre-sales for my book Steel Decks and Glass and Glass Ceilings: A Navy Officer’s Memoir, and the announcement of the publishing date is imminent. This is a quiet, anxious time for me. My hopes are those who want to read it will buy it and enjoy it, perhaps even learn a bit from it, and … Continue reading Put Out to Pasture

Pretty Good Management

Leadership columns written for the Lebanon Democrat from 2007 to 2012.