my books


A Pocket of Resistance: Selected Poems
Available through Amazon, Author House, or by contacting jim

in progress

Steel Decks and Glass Ceilings
An account of his time as executive officer of the USS Yosemite (AD 19), the first ship to spend extended out of port time with women as part of the ship’s complement (1983-1984)

Willie Nod
A book of children’s poetry, illustrated by his daughter Sarah Jewell

Notes from the Southwest Corner
A compilation of his columns in The Lebanon Democrat

Papa’s Guidelines for Sam
Simple guideposts jim has found to help him deal with living

in the future

The Pretty Good Management Book
Basic guidelines for leaders to maintain a “pretty good” business

A short book on successful leaders’ thoughts about what is most important in being that successful leader

Another book of poetry

Possibly a novel or two


He is writing an autobiography for his grandson Sam Gander, but does not anticipate making it available for the public.

(But of course, jim IS retired)